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Deciding if a Basenji is for you (and some basic tips too!)


The BCOA has developed an excellent web site, http://www.basenji.org/learn as a resource for first-time Basenji owners.  Please take a minute and visit this site to learn about Basenjis.  

When evaluating your suitability for a Basenji, keep in mind that this is an energetic, intelligent breed that wants to be in the middle of everything. Bored Basenjis are generally naughty Basenjis.

A Basenji is likely to want to sit on the sofa with you, to be with you whenever he or she can, and to want to sleep in the bed with you or another family member.

A Basenji is not likely to be reliable off-lead, so you need to either have a fenced yard, commit to walking your dog in all kinds of weather, or get a doggy litterbox. Bored and lonely Basenjis can be noisy, which can cause problems if you leave your dog alone (no human or canine company) in an apartment.

Basenjis are also opportunists - this includes stealing socks from the hamper, grabbing that pizza you left on the coffee table, and running your household if you don't appear to be the head of it. They require kindness but also limits - a Basenji should not be the head of your house, any more than your two year old should.

Basenjis are beautiful, intelligent, charming, do not have doggy odor, and don't bark. I would not want any other breed of dog - but as you can tell, there is much more to consider before you decide to take one home.


Below are links to some excellent articles that will help you decide if a basenji is for you, provide you with information about the breed, and offer tips on selecting a breeder.   Learn about the breed BEFORE you take home a puppy!

The Basenji FAQ is a good place to start

So You Think You Want a Basenji?

Basenji Breed Profile (at Canis Major)

Reasons NOT to Get a Basenji

How to Live in Relative Harmony with Your Basenji

Getting a Dog, by Cindy Tittle Moore. Excellent guide to choosing a breed and a breeder.

Finding a Responsible Breeder  

Article: Getting a Dog. Excellent article

The use of dog crates - essential for basenjis

Kid-proof your dogs; dog-proof your kids. Great article to read and to take to heart.

Kids and dogs - a common sense approach.

Spay or Neuter Surgery. Most basenji breeders require that pets be spayed or neutered.

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