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Avongara Basenjis

What are the new African Basenjis, and why are they important?

The American Kennel Club agreed to open the basenji stud book in 1990, allowing the registration of native dogs imported from Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo) in 1987 and 1988. The argument to open the stud book was given in a presentation by the Basenji Club of America. This presentation is now on-line at the BCOA African Stock Project.

The stud book was reopened again this year, by a vote of the Basenji Club of America.

The intention of the importations was to expand the gene pool, and assist in reducing the incidence of genetic disease in basenjis. African basenjis are a little different - they require more socialization, can be more wary of strangers, and tend to bond extremely closely with their owners. They tend to be more obedient and less destructive than domestic Basenjis, and are very easy to live with.  Even more than most basenjis, they require a loving permanent home and lots of attention. Health results have been extremely encouraging, and we have great hopes for the contributions of these dogs.

We hope to incorporate the new Africans, both pure African and African crosses, into our breeding program over the years. Pictures and information about our new African dogs are below.

Avongara Mine All Mine (Flash)






Flash was sired by Avongara Kasabu out of Avongara Mwata Brushy Run. He is a very sweet, pretty dog with a lovely coat, pretty head, and nice angles. OFA Prelim Good, OFA Elbows Prelim Normal, Fanconi probable clear/normal, CERF-able.







Avongara Roll the Dice (Annie)


Annie was sired by Avongara Itzyu'N Me Kid out of Avongara Tribal Singer. CERF-able, both parents Fanconi probable clear/normal, OFA pending.











Avongara Sorcerer's Apprentice (Mickey)


Mickey was sired by Avongara Worth the Wait out of Avongara Kipingi. He was OFA Good, Fanconi probable clear/normal, and CERF-able.







Avongara Ktana (Katie)


Katie was sired by Avongara Ostentatious Oscar out of Avongara Princess Peanut. She is OFA Good, CERF-able.







Avongara Mbembe Itzyu (Leigh)

Leigh was sired by Avongara Ostentatious Oscar out of Avongara Mpenzi. She was OFA Good, Fanconi probable clear/normal, and CERF-able.





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