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Bailey and Zoe

Who we are and what we do

At Itzyu, we strive to combine health, temperament, soundness, and type in our dogs. Our breeding stock is screened for hereditary diseases, and our litters are bred to attempt to maximize the chances of getting healthy, good-tempered puppies. We use conformation shows to help us evaluate the type and conformation of our breeding stock, and we have done well in the show ring.

We utilize Fanconi linkage marker DNA testing, CERF eye screening, OFA hip screening, thyroid testing, HA testing or breeding down from HA tested stock, and pedigree research to try to make the best breeding decisions. Breeding does not have certainties, but we try to improve the odds.

Neil and I are proud to be involved with Basenjis. We are members of the Basenji Club of America and the Mid-Atlantic Basenji Club.  I am very active in the breed, including editing The Basenji Magazine. For my clubs, I served on the Board of Directors of BCOA and the Basenji Health Endowment, and co-chaired the BCOA's Health and Research Committee (along with Katy Scott of AZ). I am MABC's webmaster, I co-chaired MABC's show committee for BCOA's Nationals in 2012, and I'm chair of MABC committee to give the BCOA Nationals in 2015.

I've also served in a number of other capacities for BCOA, including serving on the Public Outreach Committee, the National Specialty Oversight Committee, the Volunteers Committee, and the BHE's PRA Fundraising Committee (we're the ones that sent out the PRA pins for large donations), and I served as the BCOA Virginia rescue contact for several years.  



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